Elevator and Lift Answering Services

AnswerPro Communications offers a variety of message delivery methods, including email, text message, voice mail and fax for your elevator and lift services company. Whether you want to be notified of emergencies as they occur or to receive messages during business hours only, AnswerPro Communications alerts you of your calls through the method you prefer.

Rather than waiting for calls to come in, you can focus your energy on growing or maintaining your business, or simply enjoy your extra free time with family and friends.

Your elevator and lift services company needs an extremely trustworthy answering service that can assist all the incoming calls that might be from an actual or future client. At AnswerPro Communications we are available 24/7 to monitor and answer each and every single call from the elevator call boxes.

We will dispatch your calls and messages as you wish based on your indications. We can identify all the calls for possible sales, acquire new potential leads, save your messages and attend immediately to the emergency warnings. At AnswerPro Communications, we can also handle the scheduling of appointments and meetings.

Our operators are instructed to attend any elevator and lift services caller’s needs as an expert of your own industry. AnswerPro Communications becomes a business partner and supports you in any aspect that might help increase your sales and business goals, maintaining happy clients with our excellent customer service.

We are fully aware that in this elevator and lift services industry an emergency can occur at any time; therefore, we need to respond as efficiently as possible and there is no excuse for your company to not answer your customer’s calls in the moment of the incident. You need to provide the assurance to each and every customer that you will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The good news is AnswerPro Communications is always here to support you even after regular business hours, holidays, weekends, or any other special occasion that you might think about.