Locksmith (Lock Repair Specialists)

Locksmith companies need a live agent to answer their calls quickly and efficiently.  AnswerPro Communications is your link between the home or business owner and the lock repair specialist, with dependable and clear communication. Our agents take pride in the accuracy and rapid response we provide to your inbound callers.

When a customer is looking for a quality locksmith service, many times this can be after-hours at very inconvenient times. Therefore this type of business must be available to be reached at any time of the day or night, during any day of the week. No one knows when the moment may arrive when they are going to lose their home or business keys, finding themselves locked outside. This is why your company must be prepared to attend to customer’s calls 24/7!

AnswerPro Communications is here to provide and assist your repeat or new clients with their locksmith needs and emergencies. We will transfer the calls and messages as you desire, to avoid missing out on a valuable business prospect.

At AnswerPro Communications we become an extension of your business; we are available to answer each and every single locksmith incoming call. We save your company the cost of having to hire phone operators; our availability to answer all your incoming business calls will allow you to give your customers peace of mind and the satisfaction of being able to use your services whenever they need to.

Our agents will be trained with your company’s procedures, on how and when to contact your staff for an emergency dispatch. The fact that all callers will be assisted by a real person is a huge benefit to your business – no more missing calls and frustrated callers who may move along to a competitor. Calls requesting locksmith services must be handled with courtesy, efficiency and speed, keeping in mind that most of the times the caller may be irritated and annoyed already because of their mishap. We guarantee the best customer service and are here to serve!