Government Answering Services

Continuity of a communication system is critical to your success as a Local, State, or Federal government agency.  AnswerPro Communications provides government answering services for entities such as:

  • Utilities (water, electric, etc.)
  • Traffic signals and road signs
  • IT and Infrastructure
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Building Management/Courthouses

In addition to our 24/7 availability including our after-hours live government answering services, AnswerPro Communications offers government agencies a business voicemail feature that saves your agency time and money. The voicemail will give your callers a recorded message, transferring priority calls to a live AnswerPro Communications agent and all other calls to voicemail.

Our government answering services will save you time by avoiding the issue of you or your employees having to answer the same questions repeatedly for each caller. We will not only save you time, we will also save you money by handling your calls and having your employees be focused on more productive tasks. This equates to having more of your expertise personnel taking care of your primary agency or department needs instead of having them answering unscreened calls that might not lead to any productive result.

We provide high quality government answering services and filter the important calls based on your descriptions and requests. At AnswerPro Communications we ensure you that your agency will be assisted with a professional and expert call handling and message delivery service.

At AnswerPro Communications we adapt to your agency call needs with no scheduling limitation, because of our 24/7 availability. We will have our operators trained with your government agency terminology; therefore, each and every single caller will speak with a qualified agent that will make them feel as if they have reached one of your employees.

AnswerPro Communications guarantees you that our full time staff will always be available to assist all your incoming phone calls from your current or potential customers, providing them the best customer service experience possible.