Hospice & Home Healthcare

Every hospice & home healthcare provider must have as a priority the ability to provide an excellent care service to each and every single patient, in all aspects, keeping in mind that they all have different needs that must be attended to in the moment. The care service should also include having the patient’s family members informed 24/7 of any event or incident involving their loved one.

Hospice & Home Healthcare recipients deserve the utmost respect and sensitivity.  All families need someone compassionate and understanding during this time of great need.  At AnswerPro Communications our agents speak with a calming and sympathetic voice as the liaison between patients, families and healthcare providers.  You will appreciate our professional agents who deliver messages quickly and efficiently to the nurses, care facilities or care givers.

Answer Pro Communications provides a high quality Hospice & Home Health telephone answering service, from Monday to Sunday, all day and all night, 365 days of the year. The patients’ families should always be able to reach a real person at any time, under any circumstance.

At AnswerPro Communications we deliver the messages, or transfer the calls, taking into account factors that you consider to be an emergency. We also understand that your clients or patients have put in your hands theirs or their family member’s health and wellness, which is a human’s most valuable asset; therefore, we act as a part of your company providing the caller a sense of trust and confidence.

We guarantee that there will not be any unanswered call. Even if it’s an actual customer or a prospective client, your Hospice & Healthcare calls will be attended to with respect and kindness. Let us prove to you that at AnswerPro Communications we become an extension of your business and provide second-to-none, excellent customer service to each and every caller.